There was boy that loved spending time with his family and especially his Dad.  When he was young there always seemed to be time to work with his Dad, however as he got older that began to change.  His dad's business was getting bigger and with more work it required that he work longer hours to coordinate all that was going on.  Which meant less time with his son.  The son getting more mature realized his dad needed to take of the business and he would have to sacrifice his time so his family would be more secure financially in the future.  

He was sad to not be able to spend time with is Dad but he realized there wasn't any other way.  

The resources the company generated couldn't get him more time with his dad, but they did help him get in a great college.  While at school one of boy's friends  found out about the dilemma and suggest that part of the engineering college they were attending there were a few programming classes offered as electives.  The friend suggested he might be able to write some software that could automate some or possibly all of the work his dad had to do everyday in managing his operations across several states.  The son jumped at the idea, signed up for a programming class and started on making his dream of spending more time with his Dad and family a reality.  After working on the software for a couple of years he was able to reduce one aspect of his dad's daily routine by six hours.  So The son was able to realize his dream of giving his dad more time to spend with him and his family. 

The son had also met a girl at school as he courted her he didn't want to have to compromise his time with her and their family like his father had done and he knew that might happen if he stayed with the family business.  So with his engineering degree in hand he got offered a job at one of the largest companies in the world.  He thought this is great, with this big company I will have the security and time he didn't enjoy growing up.

Things look to be going great.  He was starting 

based on a true story

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