At Redlist we are passionate about what we do and are looking for people who are as well. We are wanting to change the mobile experience and have it integrate seamlessly with lifestyle. So no more app VS user, but the two working together.

If you find passion in what you do, then find our open positions available on LinkedIn.


About Our Culture

We are Spartans

If you see something that needs done just remember that nothing is below your station. We grit together as warriors united in the cause. Man for man, heart for heart, the odds are in our favor. 

We are faithful

We expect you to have a growth mindset and the belief that you and all of us, can do more and be better.

We are Doers

You’ll earn the trust of your team by acting appropriately and reliably in your role. Rain or shine, early or late, we show up for work and deliver for everyone depending on us

We Deliver Value

We innovate to win and keep our customers by delivering the most value they can experience and obtain in the marketplace.