Features designed for the crane industry:

Simplified Dispatch

Easily create, assign, and manage unlimited jobs. Order-to-cash simplified.


Paperless Maintenance

Track preventive maintenance in one tool. Automatically generate work orders based on time, event, or inspections.

Multi-site Management

Operate multiple locations from one central software. Assign site-specific permissions, and see site information in real time.

Customizable Reporting

Real-time data for custom reports, check key KPIs on your dashboard.

Timekeeping Solutions

Track time for multiple work types across different jobs. Payroll versus billable solved.


  • Siloed Communications

  • Lost Paperwork

  • Duplicate Data Entry

  • Equipment Downtime

From field workers to back office admin, REDLIST was developed for faster productivity. With easy-to-use functions for any size organization within the crane industry. 

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