Field Services

Planning, scheduling, dispatch, paperless invoicing, time cards, and more.
REDLIST Production Suite runs your company from quote to invoice, real-time communication, safety of crews, and monitoring your equipment maintenance via REDLIST Reliability Suite.
Finally, a simple, all-in-one software to manage customers, schedule jobs, communicate with field workers, and process payment

Production Management

REDLIST Production Suite software enables you to simplify the process of assigning assets, teams, and production in real-time.

Plan, Schedule, & Dispatch

REDLIST Production Suite makes it easy to organize, view availability, allocate equipment, and notify crews about their assignments - in real-time, increasing efficiency and productivity.


The REDLIST platform makes it less daunting to quote, confirm, and execute jobs. Reduces time spent on administrative tasks so you can focus on growing revenue.

Real-time Data

Gain insight into the performance of
your teams by aggregating performance data from the field. Get deep analytics into P&L and KPIs.


Focusing on sales, there are many different aspects that our demo help apply to your company.

Quickly and easily add and organize new business opportunities:

Digital forms and job creation
Easy workflow management
Capture customer signatures on the fly or in the field
Never miss another change order!

Dispatch & Planning

Through any of our convenient calendar and job views, you can plan by available operators, technicians or available production assets. 


With the REDLIST platform you can easily:

Create, view and edit work orders and jobs
Drag and drop assignments by equipment or people
Have "one-click" communication with the field, via in-app notification, email or text


Use the app, text, or email to assign crews, change on the fly, or notify in real-time


Rate displayed per asset type.


Status-Color Bar - Quote, Confirmed, or Will-Call.


Assign crews, change on the fly, notify in real-time via the app, text, or email.





Backoffice & Accounting

The REDLIST's apps have customizable, interactive dashboards give you a view of your crews' and machines' productivity. Whether it’s understanding machine allocation, inventory, labor, or KPIs, the information you need to drive your team forward is accessible any time. Create customized dashboards and reports for each member of the team.

Dramatically reduce manual data entry 
Have real-time information regarding job costing and project profitability
Easily generate reports for stakeholders across the company
Integrate the REDLIST application into your in-house accounting or ERP for advanced automation


Streamlining data collection, delivering real-time visibility and connecting directly with DIGITAL-TICKETS, DIGITAL-INSPECTIONS, ETC go far beyond typical time tracking and daily log apps.

Improve accuracy with access to field data.

Save time by entering data once instead of multiple times into paper time sheets, spreadsheets, and the accounting/payroll system.

Make adjustments in the field based on reporting at the job, phase and cost code level.

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