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Businesses thrive on specializations, but can’t always afford to keep specialists on hand full-time. Traditional CMMS solutions do accomplish this time saving feat, but fail to solve the issue of a lack of internal specialists. That is where REDLIST excels.  REDLIST has worked with the lubrication industry for many years.

As such, many vendors for your commoditized products (e.g. fuels and lubricants) are incorporating various professional services within their portfolio of offerings.


Sharing and jointly monitoring specific operational data pertinent to your vendor’s specialists will enable you to gain the insights and results associated with specialized experts without incurring the overhead costs associated with full-time employees.

Let’s say you have been struggling with frequent migraines. A CT scan reveals a life-threatening yet treatable brain tumor. No matter how confident you may be in your DIY skills, you would never rely on yourself to champion your treatment program or perform the necessary brain surgery.

Instead you would outsource this responsibility to a team of specialists, a neurologist, and a neurosurgeon—a team whose primary focus is on brain tumors and who have dedicated many years to perfecting their craft in order to improve optimal outcomes. Only after the immediate needs have been addressed, will you then resume the responsibility of maintaining your daily health needs...with periodic check ups with your specialist.

REDLIST, acting as your company’s electronic medical records database, connects you (the patient) and your medical history to your various vendors (doctors), making sure each party receives the most up to date and accurate information. Only then will you be able to work together to achieve the best possible outcome. However, knowing what information ought to be shared, how to share it, and how often to share it in order to be effective is no easy task.

REDLIST helps fill in the gaps by completing the communication loop, not only within your company, but with your external vendor’s resources.

Our platform was designed to leverage your vendor’s expertise giving you the ability to help track your daily operational data (what was done?; why was it done?; what were the results?) and securely share it with your trusted vendors. ​ The addition of these expert resources will result in time saved, decreased demand on already stretched resources, improved workflow processes, and an increase in overall uptime.

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