Poor lubrication practices are the #1 leader in premature equipment failure.

Escape the nightmare!" with "Lube management within CMMS / ERP systems is a mess.

The number of lubrication points at your site is no minor number and could easily overwhelm your CMMS / ERP system. 

With Lubiot, you can easily map and track all lubrication points so no lube task is overlooked or forgotten.


Real-Time Data from 
Field to Back Office

Give time back to your team by eliminating paperwork and reducing unnecessary data entry.


Idiot Proof 
Lube Management

Lubiot (by REDLIST) sets the industry standard in lubrication management software. Make capturing valuable data from seemingly mundane tasks easier than ever.


Peace of Mind

No More Failures Due to Lack of Lubrication! Maximize machine health, productivity and cost savings with simple to use solutions.


Never Overlook
Lube Points

With Lubiot you have the ability to easily map out and track all lubrication points so no lube task is overlooked or forgotten.

Avoid 50% of all Industrial
Equipment Failures

By not tracking the seemingly mundane details of what, when, and how much lubricant was added,  you lose the opportunity to optimize equipment reliability and maximize the return on your investment.

Main Features

Improved productivity by taking the guesswork out of lube work. Confidence that each lube point receives the proper TLC it requires with real time tracking of:

What needs to be lubricated and when 
What lubricant is recommended 
How much should be applied


Understand total lubrication costs by closely tracking: 

Application amount 
Application frequency 
What was applied

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