Features designed for the mining industry:


Track regulatory equipment inspections, employee trainings, and digital archive for quick audits.

Simplified Work Orders

Easily create, assign, and manage unlimited jobs.

Paperless Forms

Build digital forms, take photos, and gain insight into your safety inspections.

Preventive Maintenance

Track preventive maintenance in one tool. Automatically generate work orders based on time, event, or inspections.

Multi-site Management

Operate multiple mine locations from one central software. Assign site-specific permissions, and see mining information in real-time.

Customizable Reporting

Real-time data for custom reports. Check key KPIs on your dashboard.


From field workers to back office admin, REDLIST was developed for faster productivity. With easy-to-use functions for any size organization within the mining industry. 


  • Siloed Communications

  • Lost Paperwork

  • Duplicate Data Entry

  • Equipment Downtime