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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Special thanks to for letting us join in the conversation. You can see the article contributed by our own Tal Wagstaff 5 Ways To Use The Full Potential Of Equipment Maintenance Software. Here is an excerpt below

Computerized Maintenance Management systems (CMMS) are an excellent record keeping and analysis tool for maintenance and engineering applications, and if properly utilized, can provide an accurate picture of the state of your construction company. When a CMMS is in place and used to its full potential, you can track equipment, including essentially every service record and part associated with that equipment.  
You can operate a full preventative maintenance (PM) plan, including scheduling PM work orders; issuing and tracking PM work orders by equipment, department, or technician; and locating training or time records of your maintenance technicians.
However, if the only module you’re using is the preventative maintenance tab, and that is strictly for ensuring that equipment PM’s are completed on time, you’re really missing out on a lot of the functionality your CMMS is designed for.  
In your standard CMMS system, you’ll have modules that typically can be broken down to three categories:
  1. Assets

  2. Preventative Maintenance

  3. HR/Employee Records

Those categories then include modules like Asset Records, such as identification numbers, suppliers, and any relative information, i.e. specialty parts required and the vendors they are purchased from.  
It is absolutely imperative to utilize your CMMS system fully because your ability to paint an accurate picture of what happens with your machinery and the mechanics that perform maintenance on that machinery is directly impacted by the information, or lack thereof, that you upload into the system. 
If you don’t feed the system adequate details, you cannot expect to see the full impact of your maintenance program. The ability to spot shortcomings in your program, oversights in preventative maintenance and understaffing in an often overworked department is without a doubt linked to the proper use of your CMMS.  
Let’s take a look at the top five ways that you can use your CMMS to its’ full potential to maximize your maintenance software.

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