PODCAST! Cranes, Trains, and Automobiles with REDLIST and ExxonMobil

This is a special episode and reminiscent of the one we hosted with Core Labs back in September where we hosted both David Demshur and Larry Bruno/ But this 31st installment of the Invest with James West Podcast series takes it one step further as John Keller from REDLIST and Bowman Mitchell from ExxonMobil join us for this 48-minute episode. John is President of REDLIST which is a cloud-based, mobile-ready app that eliminates data gaps between managers, teams, and machines while Bowman has been with XOM for +10 years and is currently the Lubricants Brand and Offer Strategist for the company’s North American market. It’s no coincidence that we have both guests on today as ExxonMobil recently entered a strategic partnership with REDLIST less than a month ago but the two companies' origins spans five years when Bowman first started using REDLIST and its suite of business intelligence tools. It’s good insight for those wanting to understand the customer experience but also curious to learn about how one of the world’s largest energy companies thinks about supply chain management.

You’ll also get to learn about a subscription-based platform business operating in a market with a total wallet of $1B today and expected to grow $5B – a small but growing slice within its estimated $1 trillion Internet of Things (IIoT) market. As oil patch companies (and most firms, really) become increasingly aware that they need remote communication technologies, the SaaS and Energy / Industrial end-markets that REDLIST operates within should benefit. A paradigm shift is inevitable, and so it’s good to keep your fingers on the pulse of where the next disruption could occur and how that could create entry points along the supply chain. This episode gives a good mix of both Energy and Technology, but you don’t need to be an expert in either to understand the company’s value proposition and history.

To listen to the insights of two people that live and breathe Energy, Listen Here.

0:10 - Welcome to our 31st installment of the Invest with James West Podcast series

0:15 - Joining us are two special guests: John Keller

1:15 - and Bowman Mitchell from ExxonMobil

2:20 - A high-level overview of REDLIST

3:00 - The company's origins

6:00 - What opportunity did REDLIST see that others didn't?

8:15 - The background on raising outside capital

10:30 - Exploring disruptions to software as a result of COVID-19

12:30 - How did the deal with XOM come about?

14:45 - Customer conversations pre and post the Exxon partnership deal

15:30 - Now from Exxon's perspective

19:45 - Why didn't the industry focus on maintenance programs previously?

21:30 - Walking through the customer integration process

25:30 - What's the total addressable market for this technology?

27:00 - The user interface and customer experience (first-hand)

37:00 - Discussing the Digital Inspections business

44:00 - How does REDLIST ensure customer ease of use?

48:30 - Thank you for joining us, John and Bowman!

Thank you for listening!

 - James

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