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Check out our article about "6 Steps Toward An Effective Preventative Maintenance Strategy"

Here is an excerpt

A preventative maintenance program is, ideally, your connective tissue between the machines that are running your operation, and the people that are running the machines. When you have an effective preventative maintenance program being utilized, the idea is that everything is running full steam ahead, and without the hiccups that occur with overworked and under-maintained machinery.

The six points covered in the article are:

  1. Do The Research On Your CMMS Choices

  2. Have A Maintenance Department With Capable Technicians

  3. Every Preventative Maintenance Program Needs A Point Man

  4. Proper Data Input Is Crucial To Reading Trends

  5. The Preventative Maintenance Program Only Works If You Use It

  6. Read Your Reports And Look For Trends

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