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The Calendar Release is Here!!!

Improved Job/ Assignment Interface:

Quickly find jobs and dispatch un-assigned assignments.

Linking Assignments to Job

Click and drag on the dispatch The Calendar to create Jobs and assignments. Easily link new Assignments to existing jobs.

Job Creation

Simplified Job creation allowing users to quickly create Jobs while still viewing events on the calendar.

Creating a "To Do"

Seamlessly create "To Do" items that block-off time on the Calendar without needing to create a new Job or Assignment.

Click and Drag

Create an Assignment or Job by clicking and dragging on an employee's schedule. The Assignment will auto assign to that person and time.


The Notification Queue allows dispatchers to work without interruption. Every change made will go to the Notification Queue and the dispatcher can send them one at a time or all at once.

Customize Colors

Users chose Job colors on The Calendar by Owner, Region, or Status. Colors can be customized to match company preferences.

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